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No of Classes - 16
1 hour each

Video Player, Slide Show, Games, Animations and Much More

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What you'll learn


  • Choosing a Document Type

  • Working with panels and Workspaces

  • Importing Bitmap and Vector Graphics into a project

  • Defining Frames and Keyframes

  • Understanding the Timeline and frame rate

  • Working with Different Tools & Shapes.

  • Different Text Effects, Using Gradient

  • Different animation technique like Shape Tween, Motion Tween, Frame by Frame Animation.

  • Applying filters, blend modes, and masks

  • Integrating audio and video

  • Learn concept of Symbols, Graphics & Movie Clip.

  • Create Buttons, Transform Objects.

  • Add Motion Guide, Export File.

  • Create image slideshow, Bouncing ball animation.

  • Create a Product Add.

  • Create a Rotating Globe, Butterfly animation.

  • Work on different projects & much more!


  • Learn Action Script - Go to next & previous frame, Navigate between different scenes.

  • Creating a Calculator, Forms, Puzzle Game

  • Learning to write Different Loops - For Loop, While Loop

  • Working with Logical Functions like if else,if and, if or, Switch Case, etc

  • Quiz Game, Play, Pause & Stop Commands, URL & Alpha functions

  • Creating an Interactiive Restaurant Menu

  • Creating a Small Website

  • Creating Kids Color Book

  • Creating an Interactive Magazine & a lot more!

Who this course is for 

  • This course is perfect for those who want to master in flash and work professioanlly. Be it a school student, college student, working professionals or housewives. All you need is the will to learn.

  • If you’re already a flash user, you may check my basic course & see if you are confident enough just to learn advanced level. Once you're sure you may just opt for the advanced section into it. or you may go with the entire 16 days module.


  • A desktop/laptop with decent configuration.

  • Internet Connection for those who wants to take online classes.

  • No prior knowledge is required, other than basic knowledge of your computer.


  • Software & Project File.

  • List of Shortcuts.

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