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No of Classes - 8
1 hour each

Learn Flash Animation and work like a professional.

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What you'll learn

  • Choosing a Document Type

  • Working with panels and Workspaces

  • Importing Bitmap and Vector Graphics into a project

  • Defining Frames and Keyframes

  • Understanding the Timeline and frame rate

  • Working with Different Tools & Shapes.

  • Different Text Effects, Using Gradient

  • Different animation technique like Shape Tween, Motion Tween, Frame by Frame Animation.

  • Applying filters, blend modes, and masks

  • Integrating audio and video

  • Learn concept of Symbols, Graphics & Movie Clip.

  • Create Buttons, Transform Objects.

  • Add Motion Guide, Export file.

  • Create image slideshow, Bouncing ball animation.

  • Create a Product Add.

  • Create a Rotating Globe, Butterfly animation.

  • Work on different projects & much more!

Who this course is for 

  • This course is perfect for beginners. Be it a school student, college student, working professionals or housewives. All you need is the will to learn.


  • A desktop/laptop with decent configuration.

  • Internet Connection for those who wants to take online classes.

  • No prior knowledge is required, other than basic knowledge of your computer.


  • Software & Project File.

  • List of Shortcuts.

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