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No of Classes - 8
1 hour each

Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions

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What you'll learn

  • Working on Document, Sheets, Rows, Columns & fonts

  • Page formatting, Custom List , Auto Correct

  • Cell  range, Hyperlink, Bookmark

  • Paste Special & Transpose

  • Sort & Filter data, Use Conditional Formatting

  • Find, Replace & Goto Functions

  • Inserting Wordart, Clipart , Shapes, Smart Art , Pivot Table, Pivot Chart & Images

  • Create Tables & Graphs, Use Fill Series.

  • Upto 60 Functions - Financial functions, Date Functions, Logical Functions,etc.

  • Look Up & Reference, Cell Referencing, Macros.

  • Goal Seek & Data Validation, Consolidation of Datas, Linking Sheets.

  • Protect Sheet, Workbook & Document

  • Know Hotkeys ,Review File, Freeze panes ,Split window.etc

Who this course is for 

  • This course is perfect for beginners. Be it a school student, college student, working professionals or housewives. All you need is the will to learn.


  • A desktop/laptop.

  • Internet Connection for those who wants to take online classes.

  • Basic computer knowledge.


  • List of Shortcuts.

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