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No of Classes - 6
1 hour each

Learn HTML without any previous knowledge with this course.

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What you'll learn

  • Introduction to CSS, Class id, Class Attribute.

  • Inserting Style Sheet- External, Internal & Inline

  • CSS Bckground, Text, Fonts, borders, Margins, Padding

  • CSS List, Paragraph & Image Align,

  • CSS Comments, CSS Positioning, Anchor Pseudo Classes

  • Text Decorations, ID & Class Attribute

  • Introduction to Java Script

  • Working with Text

  • Creating Alert Box, Confirm & Prompt Box

  • Working with Variables,Assigning Values to it

  • Performing Arithmetic Operators

  • Using Logical Functions

  • Using Events lik onblur, onfocus, onclick, onmouseover, etc

  • Working with Loops

  • Animated Buttons & much more!

Who this course is for 

  • Front-end developers who want to finally understand how CSS works behind the scenes.

  • In general: anyone who wants to truly learn CSS or planning to learn web designing.

  • It's appropriate for college students & working professionals.


  • A desktop/laptop.

  • Internet Connection for those who wants to take online classes.

  • Since HTML & CSS always go hand in hand, one should have knowledge in HTML before opting for this course..


  • Study Materials

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